Laufer Aviation-GHI strives for excellence and is fully committed to provide its services impeccably to each and every customer. As a significant link in its customer value chain, the company operates with complete transparency and in accordance with each customer’s values and priorities, thus ensuring substantial benefits. Laufer Aviation-GHI is supported by decades of experience in the aviation and VIP service fields, bold working liaisons with government agencies, expert knowledge and technical proficiencies, operational flexibility and exceptional human resource quality, carefully selected by the company following a thorough examination process.

Laufer Aviation-GHI has established eight fundamental principles which outline our company values. The company instills these values in the employees, forming the basis for the high quality service provided to its customers.

Customer Priority

We view our customers as the heart of our business activity. That is why we invest time and resources in developing human assets, encourage an attentive, proactive and committed service and operate a systematic method to further improve our service level, using defined indices and clear standards in accordance with the needs of our customers.


Quality control within the company is carried out through a defined company policy which promotes professionalism, a high level of performance and meeting customer deadlines. We achieve this through responsibility and management skill development among our employees and, using analytical tools, draw conclusions to continuous improve ourselves.


Teamwork and empowering our employees’ capabilities are our ways of offering more to our customers on the one hand and to our staff on the other hand. We believe in employee development and in instilling a code of ethics which outlines moral, responsible and cooperative business conduct at all company levels.

Mutual Respect

We enhance Laufer Aviation GHI’s human capital and maintain our competitive edge, by creating an appreciative, fruitful, respectful and attentive corporate atmosphere. The open-door policy applied within the company creates a productive working environment and encourages open-mindedness and creative freedom.

Sharing Information

The information and experience our employees have accumulated throughout the years are our leading strategic assets. In an age where knowledge is power, we do our best to give our employees the tools to use the information they possess in a wisely and in an innovative manner. As part of this effort, we provide them with seminars, training sessions, courses and workshops.

Above & Beyond

In order to provide an excellent customer service experience, we make sure to operate with flexibility and initiative. We harness creative thinking, a proactive approach and a complete vision of customer needs, striving to provide added value above and beyond the necessary minimum requirements with every interaction.

Business Mindset

At Laufer Aviation-GHI, we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting in the field of aviation services and in other areas. We are attentive to market trends and emerging customer needs worldwide, and support our business activity by constantly gauging our efficiency while at the same time planning for the future. The company is led by an increased productivity, process improvement and efficiency thought process, leading to continuous activity growth.


As a leader in the ground handling and VIP service fields, we value safety above all other matters. Laufer Aviation-GHI has clear procedures in place, in accordance with ISAGO standard, which is the leading standard for ground handling services. Furthermore, we have established a forum dedicated to safety, headed by a safety consultant who has been given the task of investigating and preventing safety-related incidents, drawing conclusions and monitoring their proper implementation.