Executive jet flights with Laufer Jet
The advantages of our ground services and inflight services

Laufer Jet of Laufer Aviation – GHI, Israel’s leading and veteran handling and VIP services provider is the only company offering you a unique and comprehensive service package that integrates private jet hire with highest quality, professional VIP, Concierge and Handling services. Laufer Jet is strategically located in Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel. Our extensive familiarity with Air Taxi service companies operating in the field or making stopovers provides us with numerous advantages which we can offer you. We are proud of our diverse work connections of nearly 40  years of activities in the fields of flight handling services, executive jet flights and VIP and Concierge services. Laufer Aviation – GHI’s  Executive Jets flight planners, utilize this information to help you get where you need to go at relatively short notice, any time of the day or night, with full discretion. We can provide a private jet charter suited to your needs and accompanied by a range of VIP and Concierge services – all under one roof! We have access to up-to-date information on every private jet available for charter, enabling us to offer quick response times.  Our service is personal and our prices are competitive.  Laufer Jet helps you get where you need to go, while you relax and stay refreshed.  That’s a real advantage for the competitive world in which you move.

Chartering a private jet with Laufer Jet
Private flights that match your needs

Laufer Jet does not own the jets.  This means that Laufer Jet flight planners can plan every requirement of your flight from an objective viewpoint, and choose the most appropriate jet for your needs. A diverse range of executive jets for hire is parked at the airport at any moment in time, suited to your destination, number of accompanying passengers, level of accessories required and any other special needs of your flight.

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