VIP Services Department

Laufer Aviation-GHI is renowned as an Israeli leader, providing VIP services to businesspeople, leaders and public figures on a global scale.

The company offers its VIP services using three brands: Royal Services, VIP Club and VIP Access. The VIP Services Department provides solutions to every single customer’s requests at the airport and outside of it, both in Israel and internationally. The services include cars and luxury vehicles, tour guidance in Israel in any language, airplane and helicopter rentals, armored vehicles and security services, 24/7 concierge services for the customer’s requests both locally and globally, and any other service you can think of.

Laufer Aviation-GHI is the official service provider for the Israeli Foreign Ministry and serves all foreign delegations throughout their stay in Israel. Additionally, Laufer Aviation-GHI is the only company which provides VIP services at the Jordan border crossings – the Allenby Bridge and Sheikh Hussein crossing.

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